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10 BENEFITS You're Missing Out on If You're Not Operating in the Cloud. A N D H O W V I E W P O I N T ' S C L O U D S E R V I C E S C A N H E L P Y O U T O D A Y With web-based software from Viewpoint, you're no longer tied to a physical workstation in the office when you need to access or enter data. Securely use your laptop, tablet device — even smart phones right in the field to get the information you need, when you need it. A fully-integrated, cloud ERP platform ensures that data is standardized across your office, the field and all your project teams. No more wasted time translating data from one software program to an- other or trying to manage bolted-together systems. The ability to work in real time, along with the significantly boosted processing power of cloud- based software means you'll enjoy a serious boost in project productivity — work gets done quicker, bills get paid quicker and your company can focus on winning even more work. Is your company able to ensure business continuity in the event of a disruptive event like a fire, flood or on-premise server failure? If you're using software delivered via enterprise-class service, your critical data lives in a secure environment protected by the latest security protocols and standards. And with regular data backups and snapshots, you're guaranteed to keep business moving — even when uncontrollable problems arise. | 800.333.3197 In today's construction environment, your projects demand real-time access to data and process workflows in order to keep them moving and profitable. That's why more and more contractors are moving their operations and organizational management to the cloud. So, why should your construction company consider migrating to a cloud-based, subscription software operating environment sooner rather than later? Here are 10 reasons:

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