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W H I T E P A P E R Viewpoint.com With today's construction demands, projects are becoming larger, more complex and involving more people, processes and collaboration than ever before. That's a good thing for contractors' bottom lines as larger, meatier projects mean more work and more revenue. However, for those managing the day-to-day work, it means there are more things to stay on top of — from project costs to change orders to materials to subcontractor commitments to WIP reports to payroll to safety regulations — it can be a daunting task for even the best-staffed construction firms. Thankfully, leading-edge technology and software is helping contractors streamline workflows surrounding all of those tasks and making it simpler to store, track and analyze the data behind them. One of the most crucial elements to maintaining fluid construction projects is having solid compliance management practices in place. COMPLIANCE IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS Construction is one of the most heavily-regulated industries. Beyond the contractual agreements between the owner, contractor and subcontractors, construction firms need to consider building codes, insurance and bonding requirements, credit and background checks, prevailing wage and union payroll requirements, lien requirements, a plethora of safety regulations and much more. These are a lot of hoops to jump through to ensure a successful end product. Any one of these issues falling through the cracks can bring work screeching to a halt while it is addressed. It can also present significant risk to the contractor via penalties, lawsuits or other conflicts. Whether it comes down to back-office staff or project managers in the field, it's critical to have folks on team dedicated to compliance issues and documentation. Managing Compliance Is Key to Successful Construction Projects

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