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VIEWPOINT.com | 800.333.3197 The lifeblood of any construction company is the construction project itself. How those projects are managed can make or break the company. That makes project managers (or in some companies, project sponsors who oversee teams of project managers) arguably the most important role in an organization. Whereas others may be responsible for particular tasks or defined roles on the project, project managers have to be some—what of a "jack of all trades." They must know the project plans inside and out as well as all of the players, tasks, goals, budgeting and more—not to mention representing the company's mission statements and reputation by producing a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations. Project Management versus Construction Project Management To understand the challenges that a construction project manager faces, it's important to understand what makes construction project management so different from other forms of project management. "Project management" is a loose business term. Projects in other industries can range from simple tasks taking a few hours to complex procedures with multiple steps and processes requiring input from many people or departments. For instance, project management could mean facilitating a new way of collecting data for a financial firm to prepare annual reporting methods. It could also mean generating a marketing plan for a company. Anything deemed as a project within a company can be project managed. In many cases, these can be easily administered by a single person or a small team —with the bulk of work being done by that person or team. Projects can be tracked and managed efficiently using checklists, spreadsheets or simple off-the-shelf software. In larger project management scenarios, say the development and manufacturing of a new product like a smartphone or a better-gripping car tire, the project management might include many people and processes. Still, these tend to be unique, one-of-a-kind projects. CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT ON THE CUTTING EDGE

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