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  • 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency & Streamline Your Vista Processes4:32

    5 Ways to Improve Efficiency & Streamline Your Vista Processes

    5 ways to get even more out of Vista by making it more accessible to all employees through Viewpoint HR Management. "If you're using Vista as the single source of truth for data in your office, it's

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  • Introduction to Construction Accounting - Tutorial

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  • Expense Management using Viewpoint HR Management1:34

    Expense Management using Viewpoint HR Management

    Allow employees to manage expenses on the go with a tool that works in tandem with Vista. "If you're using Vista as the single source of truth in your office, it's now easier than ever with Viewpoint

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  • Navigating Vista: Exploring Folder Options

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  • Employee Self Service with Viewpoint HR Management1:47

    Employee Self Service with Viewpoint HR Management

    Save your HR team some time and allow your employees to self-serve when it comes to time-off requests, scheduling, personal info, paystubs and more using Viewpoint HR Management. "If you're using Vis

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  • Navigating Vista: Exploring the Main Menu

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  • HR Management  Makes Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Simple and Fast1:54

    HR Management Makes Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Simple and Fast

    Learn more about easy applicant tracking and onboarding with Viewpoint HR Management. "We know the challenge in construction is great. With over half a million vacant jobs, 80% of contractors are fin

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  • Team Project Communications2:09

    Team Project Communications

    Fragmented communications make it harder to keep project teams accountable. Viewpoint Team is a Vista and Spectrum integrated collaborative project management solution that makes project communication

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  • Emailing Account Statements2:02

    Emailing Account Statements

    A feature in Vista that saves contractors time and money and helps them better serve their customers is the ability to be able to deliver Accounts Receivable Statements via email or to be printed and

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  • Purchase Order Auto Close1:09

    Purchase Order Auto Close

    Keeping your Purchase Orders organized is important to maintain orderly operations. It’s now easier than ever to manage your business’ POs and have them close as soon as you have net zero left on the

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  • Bulk Work Order Close1:06

    Bulk Work Order Close

    Effectively managing your active Work Orders can be challenging, considering it requires evaluating proper conditions being fulfilled. Vista makes it easier than ever to bulk close work orders and to

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  • Vista Auto Trip Scheduling1:08

    Vista Auto Trip Scheduling

    It can be frustrating to have to schedule recurring service trips. That's why you can now easily schedule a technician to the dispatch board for a recurring time period. To get access to this and othe

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  • Viewpoint Team Project Closeout1:48

    Viewpoint Team Project Closeout

    Contractors today face a challenging landscape of risks. Properly documenting and organizing project documents and communications is crucial to limit liability and protect against dispute. Viewpoint T

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  • Viewpoint Team Drawings1:53

    Viewpoint Team Drawings

    Team is the tool contractors have been waiting for! Viewpoint Team’s Drawing feature is accessible from an iOS, Android or Windows phone or Tablet. It organizes the approved for construction set of dr

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  • Viewpoint Field Management Overview Demo2:41

    Viewpoint Field Management Overview Demo

    Works in the Field require easy to use time capture and material and equipment management tools. Digitizing these workflows Viewpoint Field Management extends Vista to the Field delivering integrated

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  • Viewpoint Financial Controls Overview Demo2:07

    Viewpoint Financial Controls Overview Demo

    Project Management and Operations need an easy to use platform for AP workflows. Financial Controls is fully integrated with Vista and Viewpoint Team to deliver fast access and an easy to use experien

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  • Viewpoint HR Management Overview Demo2:11

    Viewpoint HR Management Overview Demo

    Employees need Self Service capabilities to maintain accurate and up-to-date information and efficient HR workflows. Viewpoint HR Management extends Vista’s HR Module to an easy to use and highly conf

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  • Viewpoint Team Operational Reporting1:31

    Viewpoint Team Operational Reporting

    Viewpoint Team Operational Reporting brings Vista and Spectrum Job Cost and Contract data straight to Project Managers on an easy to access Dashboard. Operational Reporting provides timely data for cu

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  • Vista Work Centers1:00

    Vista Work Centers

    Want to access your most important Vista data in one central location? Take a look at what Work Centers can do for you. To get access to the most current updates Viewpoint has to offer ensures that yo

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  • Vista Changing Month on a Batch1:00

    Vista Changing Month on a Batch

    Getting the month on a batch of invoices wrong in Vista can be a tedious and frustrating process. Now see an easy way to alter your month on a batch. To get access to the most current updates Viewpoin

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  • Global Spreadsheet Server3:10

    Global Spreadsheet Server

    Hear what Global Spreadsheet Server can do for you to improve how you report your financials through Vista and the configurability of Excel. To get access to the most current updates Viewpoint has to

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  • Scheduling Changes0:46

    Scheduling Changes

    Learn how to effectively manage scheduling changes in Vista. "Vista Scheduling Changes. Have a field in a form that you want to schedule to change at a future date? First, select the desired field, r

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  • Work Order Billing Review Process1:28

    Work Order Billing Review Process

    Learn how to simplify the work order billing review process with Vista. "Vista Work Order Billing Review Process. To easily and effectively manage your work order billing process, in company parame

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