Viewpoint Team Project Closeout

December 6, 2018

Contractors today face a challenging landscape of risks. Properly documenting and organizing project documents and communications is crucial to limit liability and protect against dispute. Viewpoint Team’s new closeout feature is just what Project teams need to help export crucial project data. For more on Viewpoint Team and other Viewpoint solutions transforming the Office, Team and Field subscribe here for more! "Contractors who have a heavy reliance on email as a means of communication will struggle to locate and preserve project communications. This is made even harder as team members start to transition to the next project. Viewpoint Team is the solution contractors have been waiting for. A collaborative web and mobile project management solution that's cloud based and connects the back office with field operations and the extended project team. Viewpoint Team's closeout feature allows for the easy export of project documents, comments, and history for sharing or for archiving on your corporate network. The generated zip file includes all of the selected work item attachments with full history of edits, status changes, and views to documents that protect against future issue or litigation. In addition to closeout Viewpoint Team includes a robust tool set consisting of RFI's, submittals and more. Including powerful operational reporting capabilities that surface job financial information directly from Vista and Spectrum. From operational reporting to closeout, Viewpoint Team helps project teams successfully manage projects to completion." Interested in learning more? Visit our website to learn more:

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